Sleep: Got Rhythm?

Sleep is an essential part of our day. What happens when we sleep? Why is it so essential? Why is it so hard to get it right? Our resident scientist, Eli Gayi, hosts an IGLive to demystify the world of sleep! Details

The perfect image: what’s the magic formula?

Our world is digitalized as never before. The flow of information and content from the Internet is unprecedented. With all this information, the brain can get easily saturated. It begs the question, how can information be accessed faster by the reader. The answer is images. Indeed, an image transmits information 60,000 times faster than written text. Details

Culture Day: Bunka no Hi

On the 3rd of November, Japan celebrated the annual Day of Culture or Bunka no Hi. This was an opportunity to pay homage to academics, artists and actors contributing to the cultural influence of Japan. Originally, this festival was held in tribute to the emperor Meiji’s anniversary, who was born 3rd of November 1852. It continued to be celebrated until Details