Maximising A Company’s Human Potential

An important question for companies to ask themselves is: are they maximizing their full human potential to create and sustain success? To answer this, I am providing a series of articles setting out how a company can amplify its potential. This article looks at enhancing human potential and employee wellbeing. Details

Managers and Administrators: Who takes the lead?

Position names - such as Managers and Administrators - are important in business circles. They signify someone’s profession, and provides an idea of how influential they are in a business. In this article, I want to look at the different roles of a Manager and a Business Administrator. In this article, we look at who are they and what role do they play in companies. Details

Pont du Mont-Blanc Restrictions

If you drive regularly in Geneva, you need to be aware that this summer access to the Pont du Mont-Blanc will be severely restricted. For three months, starting in June, work will be carried out on repairing the bridge’s waterproofing and improving the cycle route. Details