GBN Podcast: Chris Samuel

In today's GBN podcast, Chris Samuel, a Graphic Designer working in GBN's Communications and Multimedia departments, chats with Jasmine about tequila, dog toys, and making days better for yourself and those around you, among other things...and why someone would drop everything in New York and move to Geneva overnight! Details

Reforming the International Refugee Regime

As 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951 Convention), this article provides a brief overview of the origin of the international refugee regime, its recent developments, and some remaining challenges to enhance international cooperation in the area of refugee protection. Details

GBN Podcast: Sergio Bobadilla

Today Jasmine sits down with Digital Marketing Specialist Sergio Bobadilla, who's currently working in the Communications and Editorial departments at GBN.  They talk the positives of being persistent, things to do with a DeLorean, being confident, and starting over...Sergio is a digital marketing specialist, helping companies to develop their digital strategy to increase sales conversion and profitability. He strategically assembles all digital elements such as e-commerce, digital campaigns, social media strategy, the CRM program, business intelligence, and analytics enabling all the pieces to come together for maximum impact. Details

New Marketing Insights

John Godden contacted some of the heads of marketing in Geneva to ask them for their insights on new marketing strategies necessitated by the pandemic. These video articles will give you an insight into these questions and how they have made it possible to continue in this ever-changing environment. Details