A safe work environment for older workers to reduce health-and injury-related costs & absenteism

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If the number of valuable – because of their judgment, flexibility, creativity – workers over the age of 55 and going beyond 65 is increasing, so does the severity of their injuries.

Actually if their experience allow to decrease the injury rate, on the other hand chronic conditions such as blood pressure causes absenteeism. Although at the same time their strong work ethic may cause them to “work through the pain.”

So employers are due to maintain a safe environment by allowing for flexible work hours, stressing employee wellness, scheduling “lunch & learns”, taking hearing loss and diminished vision in account, promoting annual exams and “micro breaks” etc. They should as well eliminate heavy lifts, install slip-resistant material and shallow angle stairways, e.g.

Regarding cognitive abilities if it takes longer to make a decision, the quality of the final decision is unaffected. Here some suggestions to eliminate errors : lengthening the time requirements, reducing the need for simultaneous performance, adapting HR policies, etc.

(Source : Tina Minter & Russell E.Drone)