A total rise of 70,000 people out of work worldwide and more to come till the end of the year 2008.

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Manpower, one of the world’s biggest recruitment companies, published a survey of more than 55,000 employers in 33 countries, reporting that hiring intentions are being freezed in many companies around the world. The worst outlook for recruitment is in Spain, Ireland and Italy. During the three months to the end of June, there has been a total rise by 60,000 to 1.67m people out of work around the world. Since the beginning of the financial crisis, 150,000 employees in finance lost their jobs, and 70,000 posts will be disappearing in this area next year. Manpower warns that 80% of the companies and businesses will be reducing their employees rather than increasing them, and putting any new recruitments plans on hold for the coming month toward Christmas.

Source: www.ft.com

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