Calling in Sick without Providing Additional Information

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Employers are not supposed to act like Sherlock Holmes to getthemselvesadditional information regarding medical condition of they employees
and are entitled to certain information in order to make a full and fair decision with respect to the leave requested.

It’s not sufficient to call in sick, employees must provide sufficient notice of a serious health condition.
Unlike this nurse from Illinois who called in sick for a one month period. At one point of this period,
she verbally inform hersupervisor that – suffering underback pain – she was under a doctor’s care.
But she failed to submit thewritten request for a medical leave to be allowed until October.
The doctor’s notes requesting time off did not state her medical condition, and herself didn’t mention she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

When she return to work after six months, her record reflected 24 days of unauthorized absence and future absences would trigger a disciplinary
proceeding against her.

Source : Maria Greco www.martindale.comSeptember 25, 2008

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