Social Media for Changemakers

We are beginning a mini-series that will include information such as what a social movement looks like on social media, how social media has “changed the game” and how you can still be involved in the issues that matter to you, even if protesting isn’t your preferred form of expression.  Stay tuned for a special episode of SocialFluent, where we’ll discuss these questions and more! Details

5 things China and Switzerland do differently in business

China has restarted business after 2 months’ of lockdown, continuing its role as one of the global economy's biggest players. Several Swiss companies are already well settled in China, many others are also tempted to look for a bigger market there. In order to do that, it helps to keep in mind that the Chinese business culture is vastly different from that of Swiss. Here are 5 noticeable differences between Chinese and Swiss business etiquette. Details


Il y a quelques années de cela, quelque part dans le monde, une petite fille rentra de l’école avec la peur de se faire gronder par ses parents. Elle avait offert son pull tout neuf à un enfant de la rue qui grelottait sous le froid. Details