Pont du Mont-Blanc Restrictions

If you drive regularly in Geneva, you need to be aware that this summer access to the Pont du Mont-Blanc will be severely restricted. For three months, starting in June, work will be carried out on repairing the bridge’s waterproofing and improving the cycle route. Details

The Basic Concepts of Data

The study of the diverse concepts that make up a data set has received significant interest recently because of growing awareness and concerns about data usage. For the purpose of this article, I like to share some thoughts on data definitions and concepts, including values, classes, and repositories. Data concepts and definitions In everyday use, the meaning of “data” varies Details

Data Usage in Business

Working with data – whether with a purely technical or an analytical focus – plays an important role in the business of any company, furthering its growth, robustness, and success.  The responsibility of carrying out that work and doing it well is the job of business analysts and data analysts. Here we look in detail at their different roles in a business. Details

IoT security goals and attacks

Due to the security challenges inherent when developing products for the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT) the exploitation of IoT objects by hackers will be more and more common. IoT developers and companies, therefore, must make security arrangements paramount through all stages of their product's development. Details