Hitachi Data Systems: 40 Years on Swiss Soil

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Switzerland this year. Based in Santa Clara, California, HDS has been well known for delivering high-quality storage systems to the worlds most successful enterprises. In recent years this Enterprise grade quality has extended into the extensive IT solution portfolio offered by HDS. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, and operate in some 170 countries. Today, more than 100 employees work in the offices located in Plan-les-Ouates, Zollikofen, and in Wallisellen, HDS’ Swiss headquarters. Details

La montre découvre son imperméable…

Lorsque les premières horloges mécaniques voient le jour vers la fin du XIIIème et le début du XIVème siècle, les différents constructeurs comprennent rapidement que pour fonctionner correctement, il faut protéger le mouvement, le mécanisme qui se trouve dans la montre, des influences externes telles que la pluie, le vent ou les animaux. De ce fait, dès leur apparition, les horloges de table étaient protégées par des plaques en métal. Details

La montre : de la poche au poignet !

Aujourd'hui, cela paraît tout à fait normal de porter une montre au poignet. En fait, il aura fallu environ 4 siècles entre la première trace dans l'histoire d'une montre de petite taille fixée sur un bracelet, offerte à la reine Elisabeth I, et celle que nous portons à notre poignet! C'est probablement avec l'arrivée de l'automobile, de l'aviation et des guerres de tranchées, au début du XXème siècle que la montre trouva sa place sur notre poignet. Details

Succession numérique : Qu’advient-il de nos comptes sur les réseaux sociaux en cas de décès ?

Cet article vient compléter la série d’articles à caractère juridique sur de nombreux thèmes d’actualité. Celui-ci ne traitera que des legs concernant les droits d’accès numériques, car le droit de la succession comporte un grand nombre de matières. De plus, cet article suggère au lecteur un panel de conseils afin de mieux préparer son départ pour l’au-delà et ne traite pas la question de manière exhaustive. Details

The largest cyber-attack in Switzerland

A Carriers Lunch event sponsored by IP-Max with a presentation by ProtonMail GBN attended the Geneva Carriers Lunch annual boat trip held on June 17th and sponsored by IP-Max SA. Here is a short summary of the afternoon's main 'hot' topic. After a short presentation of IP-Max’s own products and expanding services, their customer ProtonMail was introduced to explain the hair-raising experience of being subjected to the largest cyber-attack of its kind in Switzerland and how they managed to come through it all without any loss of data. Details


MOOCs hit the headlines in 2008. They became a craze by 2012, and by 2015, the phenomenon had peaked. The MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that eres going to transform education, and especially higher education, by making it free and available to anyone anywhere, had stumbled. As an emergent technology, this is not unexpected. The Gartner Hype Cycle graph captures Details

Des mots de passe robustes et faciles à mémoriser

Aujourd’hui, chacun doit jongler avec de multiples identifiants et mots de passe, et cela ne cesse de croître, au point qu’il devient extrêmement difficile de se souvenir de toutes ces informations de connexion. Cette situation amène bien des gens d’une part à choisir des mots de passe aisément mémorisables, mais hélas tout aussi aisés à pirater, d’autre part à être Details

ICT Networking in Geneva

The Carriers Lunch networking platform celebrates 12 years of events in Geneva May 2016 saw the 12th anniversary of the Carriers Lunch networking platform, which has been running every month in Geneva, since its launch in 2004. Initially set up to bring national and international telecom operators (Carriers) together in one room, the Carriers Lunch helps to generate business between Details

Ed and Tech had a MOOC

Education enables.¹ Technology enables. Massive Online Open Courses, also known as MOOCs, are the latest way to bring these two together. MOOCs are for us. The masses. Online. Those who want knowledge, but do not want barriers. Technology has been about to transform education for a long time. In 1841 the inventor of the blackboard was ranked among the best Details

The Swiss Datacenter Association raises its profile

FOROM, the Forum Economique Romande, which regularly hosts events where participants are encouraged to network and exchange about subjects that affect the economy in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, provided an interesting afternoon last Wednesday on the topic of data security. The main speakers included experts in cyber security, legislation, education and datacenter management. This good mix of speakers was Details

SERIES Part 5: How to find the right telecom and data management solutions for a growing business

This article completes a series on what to consider when dealing with telecom supplier markets. The series is intended for businesses with no real understanding of dealing with the telecom world. Previous articles have covered Getting the best from regional telecom suppliers, Getting the best from international connectivity, and How to choose the best datacenter service supplier. This article offers Details

ProtonMail: E2E encrypted email

On April 3rd, the world was shaken by the Panama Papers, a set of 11.5 million leaked confidential documents that were obtained from the law firm of Mossack Fonseca. Going back nearly 40 years, they detailed information about more than 214,000 offshore companies listed by the law firm, including the identities of company shareholders and directors. The documents exposed a Details

The 44th International Exhibition of Inventions

For five days in April, Geneva was the capital of invention. The 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, the world’s biggest meeting place for innovation, took place from April 13-17. The world’s unique annual exhibition, sponsored by the Swiss Federal Government and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), showcased over 1,000 new inventions and products, gathering 695 exhibitors from Details

SERIES Part 4: How to find the right telecom and data management solutions for a growing business

So far, we have looked at Getting the best from regional telecom suppliers, and Getting the best from international connectivity. This week, we will be focusing on how to choose the best datacenter service supplier for your business. Companies looking to outsource their business’ critical data need to spend time finding the most suitable locations, comparing the competition on the Details

Safe Swiss Cloud: an Interview with Prodosh Banerjee, CEO

As the demand for cloud services grows rapidly, the needs and requests of clients are also becoming more diverse. Industry specifics, geographic considerations such as infrastructure and accessibility, legal requirements of the countries, and many other factors are shaping the types of needs for cloud services. In order to respond to this ever-changing demand, cloud service providers have to keep Details

SERIES Part 3: How to find the right telecom and data management solutions for a growing business

After Getting the best from regional telecom suppliers, we look at Getting the best from international connectivity. International businesses, by definition, operate across geographical and political borders. Working beyond national borders requires companies to make telecom supplier agreements, potentially involving the connection of multi-national networks. So where do companies go for information and ‘unbiased’ support in order to best address Details

SERIES Part 2: How to find the right telecom and data management solutions for a growing business

Our first article in this series focuses on Getting the best from regional telecom suppliers. Are there bargains out there for companies looking for quality telecom connectivity and support services? How do they find out about options available? The number of telecom service suppliers present in any local market is something most businesses do not think to consider. However, when Details

SERIES: How to find the right telecom and data management solutions for a growing business

Most of us use data network services (internet, email, mobile services, video and music downloads, etc.) as part of everyday life. But how many of us understand the underlying infrastructure that keeps these services available? In a world where everyone expects instant, efficient connectivity, while individuals may not care, businesses should know. Why? Because companies are all too often ill-informed, Details

Blockchains – the next big thing

Over the last few months, we have been surprised by the news that the Bitcoin community was having intense discussions on their strategy. Then, the cryptocurrency split in two: with the development team on one side, and a group of influential miners, exchanges, and startups on the other. Two competing groups have created their own versions of the cryptocurrency , Details

LIFT16 – Experiencing Innovation

Any LIFT conference-goer could have spent a good part of Friday, February 12th at LIFT16 exploring the projects on display in the main hall of the International Conference Center. Interactive stands and installations were everywhere, as startups took center-stage to explain their innovative approaches in the relationship between humans and technology.  Here are a few that captured the audience’s attention. Details

What is End-to-end encryption (E2EE) ?

In a first article on cyber security, we discussed traditional forms of protecting our data on the internet. End-to-end encryption, or E2EE, is another method which is becoming a hot topic in the online world. There is not a single day when we do not see news about E2EE on IT Tech forums, the technology pages of the newspapers, or Details

After LIFT16: Impressions

The LIFT Conference is one of Europe’s major annual events on innovation and digital technologies. This year’s edition took place once again at the Geneva International Conference Center (CICG) last week. LIFT Events have been taking place in Geneva since 2006, welcoming IT professionals and well-known speakers to two days of workshops in addition to the main conferences, and allowing Details

The Cloud: what is it and how does it affect us?

 The term “cloud computing” is heard nowadays everywhere. But what is the cloud exactly? “The Cloud” In brief, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of on a specific computer’s hard drive. In fact, the cloud is just a metaphorical name for the internet. What does the cloud mean for personal home use and Details