Do your maths!

Thirty-six percent of students in Switzerland do not have basic math skills, with large disparities in skill level between the cantons. Language skills, however, are considered good across the country. Details

26 billionaires own as much as 3.8 billion other people

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer As the poorest half of the global population’s net worth continues to dwindle, world billionaires are currently growing $2.5 billion richer every day, according one of Oxfam International’s latest reports. Nearly doubling a decade after the global financial crisis, today’s 2,208 billionaires have now more wealth than ever before. Oxfam’s annual Details

90% des consommateurs suisses ignorent l’accès à leur solvabilité

Frôlant la barre des 100%, on est en droit de se demander comment cela puisse être possible. Autre question probante : comment les établissements financiers auraient-ils également accès à la solvabilité de leurs clients (actuels et futurs), tout cela à leur insu ? Un accès pas si privilégié Selon le comparateur de prix « Comparis », les sociétés financières, telles que les Details

2019 Potential Scenarios

Politically, financially and economically, 2018 was a volatile year with a US-China trade conflict, a difficult Brexit negotiation in Europe, and oil supply concerns in some OPEC countries. Investors prefer predictable waters and it remains to be seen whether 2019 will provide any sort of relief following last year’s roller-coaster ride. To help steer investments, below are several predictions for Details

Softbank’s telecoms IPO: Japan’s biggest-ever equity sale

Softbank, the Japanese conglomerate, made history once again this week when shares in its telecommunications business started trading on the Tokyo stock exchange. After selling a third of its stake for ¥2.65trn ($23.4bn), the firm’s latest public offering now ranks as Japan’s biggest-ever IPO, second only to Alibaba (a Chinese e-commerce behemoth, in which Softbank Group also owns a stake) Details