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Viktoriia Shamrai

viktoriia shamrai

As a marketing assistant, I bring a mix of creativity, organization, and teamwork to every project. I have extensive experience as an Outreach and Partnerships Manager and Administrative Specialist, where I have driven client growth and satisfaction through strategic marketing and efficient administration.

Fluent in English and Ukrainian, with working knowledge of French and Spanish, I excel in link-building strategies, communication, and using software tools for creative projects. As a Social Media Manager at Geneva Business News, I coordinate updates and optimize social media processes, ensuring timely and accurate content.

I thrive on teamwork, always ready to help and build meaningful, trustworthy connections with colleagues and clients. My natural organizing and communication skills make me effective in ensuring clients return and are satisfied with the service. I love implementing creative approaches to my work, ensuring fresh and innovative solutions.

In my free time, I indulge in cinema, photography, and modern art, which fuel my creativity and inspire new ideas. These interests help me bring a fresh perspective to my work and keep my approach innovative and engaging.

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