Google: Recruiting and developing top talent

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The success of Google is due to three main strategies, explains Liane Horsney,
Director of Google, who had to go through a 14-interview process to land the job.

Recruitments: Every Google applicant has to go through a minimum of four interviews.
He has to be an exceptionally outstanding candidate to be approved on. At the end of the process, the co-finder of the company Larry Page grants the final decision.
300 HR professionals in this company are focused on choosing the best candidate, dedicating 30% of their time to this task. But once this tough process is over,
the new employee will discover a place far away from the usual corporate world: a present will welcome the approved candidate; sometimes on weekly basis if the newcomer is still at the university!
A referral program is also implemented to help in finding the best elements: Google is paying an employee £3000 if he recommends a successful recruit.

Performance management:
A direct consequence of this recruitment policy is that Google will consider any individual failure as a global one. Having hired the best staff possible,’If an employee fails it must be the organization
rather than the employee’, says Horsney. Another key element of Google innovative HR management consists in its work structure, following a ‘70/20/10′ model: 70 % of the employee working
time is dedicated on the business, covering the job description. 20 % is allowed on personal work developments which will benefit the company. 10 % is finally left to what the employee wants to do,
being innovative and creative.

Development: ‘Everyone at Google loves to learn and loves to be developed’ says Horsney. Google believes that individual projects which
allows employees to put their ideas into practice, are by far more productive than training which is also important for their employees but makes just a small part of what the company has to offer.
‘Let your people have time to think of something that will improve your business, giving them the time and space to work that idea’ advises Horsney.


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