Neuchâtel government support to avoid unemployment

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Local officials in the canton Neuchâtel are getting worried about the impact of the economical and financial slowdown,
with many of the businesses depending on troubled export markets, the government is studying different measures to support the cantons economy.

Daniel Grassi Pirrone,head of employment service explains: Five small- to medium size companies facing critical situation, approached state assistance.
In order to avoid redundancy ‘short term unemployment law’ has been applied where the Federal state would pay salaries of employees for a short period.
Six other small businesses also asked this kind of government service in order to survive the crisis.

In September, the jobless rate of 3.2% is not quite alarming,
while October figures might show deterioration as the financial situation is unclear.’We are waiting’ says Pirrone.

The watch making industry would not be hit hard as other industries,
with its 180 companies, employing 12,000 people; it can weather the financial crisis.

Jean-Daniel Pasche, president of the Swiss watchmakers association says that ‘We made big investments last year;
we can face the economic ebb and flow’.

Source: 17 Oct. 2008

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