Swiss cantons: a 3% average rise for all employees in 2009

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According to a survey made by the newspaper Sonntag, the employees of the 26 cantons, and specifically Neuchâtel, St.Gall, Zoug, Fribourg, Nidwald and Schwytz will benefit of an average 3% raise of their salary in 2009. The percentage varies from one canton to another. Neuchâtel will benefit of the highest level of increase with 4.54%. St. Gall, Zoug and Fribourg will follow with 4%. On the other hand, the employees of Nidwal and Schwytz will only be granted with a mere 1.5%. In addition to the salary increase, a fifth week vacation will be granted as an extra advantage, in some cantons such as Fribourg.

Source: 20 minutes, 27th October 2008

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