The “historic” vote on the EEE approaches its twentieth birthday

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drapeau suisse + lacThe Swiss “NO” to joining the European Economic Area (EEE) will be commemorated next week on 6 December. This topic is being related in several Swiss newspapers . ‘La liberté’ has published a cartoon by Alex featuring a visitor to a museum, who stops in front of some extinct species. There is a mammoth, a prehistoric bear and … a man raising his fist, wearing a blue T-shirt on which we can reads “EEE YES!”. In ‘Le Temps’, the political economist, René Schwok explains that with hindsight, the referendum of 20 years ago has a historical importance. First, because it turned Switzerland into the most reticent country about becoming part of the European Union, a perfect demonstration of “le Sonderfall Suisse”. Second, for the reason that since then it has constituted one of the main Post-war points of Swiss political debate, polarizing public opinion.

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