The wisdom of psychopaths

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This is the buzz of the week in the employment field: the top 10 professions where most of the workers present psychopathic characteristics include: business leaders, lawyers, media figures, surgeons, journalists and chefs, in other words, principally executives.

This list is based on the latest opus from psychologist Kevin Dutton, ‘The Wisdom of Psychopaths’, published on October 16th. However, a clear distinction should be made in Dutton’s definition. The people concerned may present the typical traits of a psychopath (charm, self-confidence, coldness, impulsiveness, insensitivity, etc.), without being a danger to society. On the contrary, these characteristics might  even be an asset in professional life.

“Psychopaths are sure of themselves. They do not procrastinate. They focus on positive things. Whatever goes wrong, they will never blame themselves, even if they are responsible . In addition, they take pressure well. These characteristics are not only important at work, but also  in everyday life”, according to Kevin Dutton.

The author also reveals the list of the 10 professions or trades where you find the fewest psychopaths. Among them, the psychologist numbers only three white-collar functions: therapists, teachers and doctors. According to him, these professionals working ‘on’ human beings and in the social field are more shielded from psychopathic tendencies than the others because they help the community as opposed to CEOs and other senior executives, who spend their time mastering their feelings to take strategic and calculated decisions.

Top 10 with psychopathic characteristics 

Top 10 without psychopathic characteristics

Business Leader Home help
Lawyer Nurse
Media Figure Therapist
Salesman Craftsman
Surgeon Beautician/Stylist
Journalist NGO employee
Policeman Teacher
Clergy Artist
Chef Doctor
Civil servant Accountant

Source Cadremploi09 – November 2012




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