UK: BA staff seek 10-day strike action

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With the Unite union announcing the result of the latest ballot for strike action tomorrow, an online survey conducted by Bassa, the Cabin Crew section of Unite, shows almost two-thirds of those who participated in the poll want any strike to last at least ten days. 3600 out of 12 000 BA cabin crew took part in the vote and Bassa will consult them before setting any days for strike action. A Unite source said that such a long delay would “allow everyone who wants to join strike action to take part in it.” BA has been training volunteer crew – including pilots – to staff flights but it is unlikely that this measure alone will prevent action having a negative impact on the company. The dispute is over staff cuts and terms and conditions for new staff. Although the union has agreed to accept the idea of new staff joining on lower pay and under different conditions, it disagrees with them all having to serve on completely different aircraft.

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