UK: BA to get its day in court again?

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British Airways may yet go back to the courts after having had the High Court overturn an earlier decision last week which prevented the Unite union from taking industrial action. BA, which is currently experiencing a 5-day strike by cabin crew, said its complaint over the union’s failure to inform its members of spoilt ballot papers would probably ‘come to a full court case in due course’.

Unite said ‘disputes are solved through negotiation, not litigation’, although since talks fell through last weekend after being disruped by protesters, no further discussions have been planned. For its part, BA has blamed Bassa – a section of Unite which represents cabin crew – for rejecting an agreement which has already received general approval from the heads of Unite.

BA asserts that 70% of passengers are being flown during the current walkout, while Unite estimates that the airline has lost £63m due to strikes since the start of 2010.


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