UK: British Airways Union in court challenge

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The Unite trade union is to launch an appeal later today against the court ruling which declared its planned strikes illegal. The first of four stoppages were due to run from 18-22 May, with further action scheduled to begin on 24 May, 30 May and 5 June. If the union succeeds in its appeal, it could begin industrial action in May. If not, then Unite will ballot its members on strike action for the third time since November 2009.
The union attacked the judge’s decision to find for BA over Unite’s failure to inform union members how many ballot papers had been spoiled in the last vote. At the same time, the British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh expressed his hope that all those involved in the disagreement could now re-evaluate their positions.
The original dispute with British Airways related to staffing, pay and conditions. Now, the focus is on management’s refusal to reinstate travel perks for striking staff members as well as disciplinary measures which have been taken against 50 workers for their role in prior strike action.

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