UK: Conservative Party plans to get Britain working

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The Opposition Conservative party has unveiled proposals to reallocate money used to pay Incapacity Benefit to people who are judged too ill to work, to a single Work Programme. 2.6 million people currently claim Incapacity Benefit of £89.90 a week and the plans would see each claimant having their health assessed, with those who are judged fit to work having their allowance cut to the £64.30 a week received by normal Jobseekers.
Government figures estimate some 500 000 people could lose their right to Incapacity Benefit and the Conservatives plan to channel the £600 million saved in the first three years into 50 000 mentoring schemes for young people; 50 000 extra places in further education colleges; 100 000 apprenticeships each year; 30 000 young apprenticeship places; and individually tailored programmes to advise those who have been unemployed for more than 6 months on how to find a job.
The Government in turn, is expected to give details of its own plan to help the long-term unemployed back to work with an additional £5billion for work trials and work experience.


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