UK: Multinational companies’ employees to be exempt from immigration cap

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With the government yet to fix the ceiling on its migrant worker cap or determine who will be affected, the Prime Minister revealed yesterday that thousands of employees in multinational companies will be exempt from these measures.

The initial announcement of a cap had caused a very negative reaction in the business world, particularly as regards intra-company transfers. In fact, some Japanese carmakers have threatened to close British plants if they are no longer able to bring in their staff from other countries. Other sectors such as industry and scientific research are also likely to be adversely affected by a cap, according to a Home Affairs Committee.

Migration Watch asserts that tens of thousands of British IT workers are unemployed while amongst graduates, those with a computer science degree suffer from the highest levels of unemployment. The organization criticized the fact that in 2009, more than half of intra-company transfer visas were issued to Indian IT workers (10 000 to just three companies).

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