UK: Permanent work placements up in December 2009

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Research from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG shows that the number of people finding full time work rose for the fifth month in succession and at the fastest rate since July 2007. This growth was also mirrored in the temporary work placement sector, which saw its biggest growth since June 2007.
The number of vacancies for permanent and temporary staff also increased in December, with the greatest demand for permanent employees being in the IT and computing sectors, while for temporary staff it was for secretarial and clerical positions.
Salaries grew in the permanent sector for the second consecutive month, while hourly rates for temps fell for the 15th month.
The head of business services at KPMG added a note of caution to these more positive figures when emphasising the potential for large scale public sector job cuts later in 2010.


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