UK: Union unites to create BA fighting fund

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The Unite union hope to raise a £700 000 fund to support striking British Airways employees by levying the amount on its 3000 branches. Such a figure would equate to about £60 per person for the 12 000 cabin crew members on strike and would serve as strike pay, as well as a means of supporting union members in other ways.
The union is supporting the BA employees so that they can continue their protest over jobs and cost-cutting. Unite criticised BA using what they termed “the world’s most expensive crew in a bid to break its far cheaper, world-class workforce” over their use of BA pilots to replace striking cabin crew and also said that strike breakers are only prolonging the crisis. In response, BA asserted that not only pilots but also ground staff and personnel from other operations had volunteered their services.
BA claims that the current four-day strike is costing them £5.5 million per day compared to the £7 million per day of the first three-day walkout last week.
Source:, 29.03.2010

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