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Alessio Di-Sanzio
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I am extremely passionate about humans and the digital revolution and disruptive approaches. I want to act as a partner with companies, NGOs or humans to help them reach success through using these new means of technology opportunities.

As a strategic and multi-disciplinary professional, I have had my fingers in many pies but my main focus is on helping growing business, improve profitability, increase capacity, improve management, develop sustainability, ensure compliance and achieve return on investment.

How? Thanks to the two main sides to my career:
* 20 years working with people as a consultant in the medical industry, small and medium businesses, banks the government and institutions.

* 11 years working for people, as part of an amazing Non-Governmental Organization engaging armed non-State actors towards respect of international humanitarian norms.

Outside of this business range, I'm committed to Press as a journalist and Photo Reporter in sports, social and humanitarian.

I want to change the way that people and business operate in a holistic manner; to give the chance and opportunity for humans to play a role in the future world. Let's begin together with your business transformation.

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