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Ana Paula Driebergen
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Through my professional and personal life I have learned a lot.

Not only with the tasks that I accomplished in my life, but also with the people with whom I interacted.

By working in different domains such as legal, health, construction and commercial with the position of administrative assistant, secretary, and receptionist or in the domains as hotels and catering buy working as a waitress and barmaid, gave me the opportunity to increase myself as a person!

Some of the know-how that I achieved and would like to progress:

- Experience of working with multi-location / international teams
- Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment
- Ability to multi task and to manage time efficiently
- Able to organize and prioritize tasks
- Strong people skills, and ability to interact with people on all levels
- Optimistic and personable
- Administrative work experience
- Calm and focused under pressure in difficult situations
- IT skills? knowledge of Outlook, Word, Excel, Internet, WinbiZ, Winway Z (SAGE 30), Ebanking, MobeTime, EDM (Electronic Document Management)

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