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Beatriz Sanchez
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To succeed in the world of international business and cultural events, you have to be adept at communicating and conversant with a wide range of eclectic areas.

These include having cultural awareness, a knowledge of the arts, geopolitics, economics, environmental issues and an understanding of the quality of life. Of course, the most informed communication comes from seasoned life experience.

Over the years, my communication skills and knowledge have evolved with each milestone role I have taken. This includes finding finance, organising venues abroad and promoting a dance troupe when I was an assistant for the International Festival of Arts; taking on the role of Managing Director of The National Company of Dance and Theatre 1887 in Costa Rica; and more recently acting as event production assistant and hospitality organiser for the Annual Conference Summit of Minds, Chamonix.

I have always worked with stakeholders and third parties from all levels, cultures and backgrounds and it is as easy for me to interact with politicians and diplomats as it is to relate to and work with colleagues and clients. This flexibility and my innate ability to organize and an eye for detail help me whether I am involved in day-to-day work or in the organization of a major international event. It is an aspect of work I find fascinating and enjoy greatly.

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