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Bruk Tadesse
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As a Business Data Analyst, I tell compelling stories with data to empower strategic and technical business decision makers, mostly in the financial markets data industry.

I help companies or organizations improve their processes and systems and play a key role in communicating technical and business issues between stakeholders. In other words, I act as a liaison between them, coordinating and ensuring mutual understanding.

For example, I evaluate the impact of new data related technology on business processes from all perspectives. By speaking directly to business managers, I find out what their needs or expectations are. Not only do I interpret my findings and present them in a format which is logical and actionable by IT experts like software developers, I also make the potential of new technology visible and understandable to business managers.

How? Using my Computer Science (Information Management) and Business Management studies; and my solid understanding of financial products, services, underlying financial instruments AND the market data architecture.

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