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Eduardo Galve
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Expert in organization, information systems and project management.

My interests and work now focus on:

- Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR).
- Blockchain technology.
- Digitalization of traditional data architectures.
- Software that frees you and me from technological constraints so we can concentrate on innovation.

My expertise comes from many years of experience in:

- Designing and developing financial applications.
- Working in software houses, managing teams to develop and install customized ERPs for small and medium size organizations in a wide range of sectors: investments to encourage development in Africa; travel reservations; waste recycling; beverage distribution; supervision/follow-up and accounting for projects in the field.
- Advising and consulting small and medium size companies.
- Managing projects in the banking sector for handling confidential data, electronic content, client document composition (advice slips, statements, legal and commercial communication) and paperless processes.

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