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Jing Li
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I have more than 20 years business development and marketing experience with East Asian countries, particularly China. Also, 5 years in the U.N. and Geneva's NGO sector.

Expertise: business and marketing strategy, commodities trading and operations, portfolio investment, communication and digital marketing.

With thorough knowledge of Swiss and Chinese political, economic, legal and social systems, I am well positioned to help your business/organization build up a strategic partnership with China, I can help your business benefit from China's huge market, Chinese outward investment flow and, take the "train" of China's "one belt, one road" policy to make your organization thrive.

Brief background:

* Born in China, obtained a B.A. in Law & Political Science from Peking University, Beijing, a M.A.
and a PhD in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and
Development Studies, Geneva. Lived in Geneva for 30 years, professionally trained in Switzerland.

* A senior member of the Executive Committee of China's Confucian Entrepreneurs Association,
and an executive member of World Internet of Things (IOT) Convention headquartered in Beijing,
I am well connected across the Chinese business community, education and public sectors.

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