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Ludovic Clement
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Passionate about education since the age of 12, I got curious about the integration of new technologies within an educational environment while I was subbing in Geneva?s primary schools. My curiosity grew so much that I completed a master degree in Teaching and Learning technologies at the University of Geneva. For my thesis, I decided to challenge myself by creating a program that tackles the issues of teaching history for high schools. The goal of my ten-class program was to introduce the main events and issues of the French Revolution to second-year students, with the use of a commercial video game.

This idea of creating content outside the box comes from my deep love for arts, specifically dancing. Trained as a dancer in New York City and Geneva, music makes my imagination flow and allows me to connect with life and myself.

Also a writer, my professional goal is to use that artistic side of mine in order to help people by making effective and entertaining eLearning content. I hope to use my skills for causes that fight discrimination in any form.

Artistic, hard-working and passionate, I am up to any new challenges!

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