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Mariette Speerstra
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I am a business facilitator for new and existing markets specialising in the fashion industry. My Dutch, German, Italian, English and French language skills and over twenty years of commercial experience help me connect you with the business partner you are looking for to expand your sales network.

With my front and back office experience, I manage the direct client contact and the administrative sides and know who to contact if needed.

Thanks to my experience in the fashion industry, being autonomous, precise and customer friendly are part of me.

In fact, as I have been an Area Manager for the Italian market, I can manage all the aspects of branding a product in the market.

Also, having had my own company, I am used to handling all types of situations with expertise and professionality. I am not afraid to work under pressure and I won’t stop until I find a solution to solve an issue or to optimize a process.

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