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Michal Sela
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In 20 year experience in education, of which 13 in US higher education admissions, one running a niche graduate program in international law and a dabble in fundraising at a non-profit international school, I have learned the power of "making it personal". This school, this project, this specific educational offer will match the needs of a segment of our initial target audience. My expertise is in helping both parties identify this match, using the full range of tools and tactics that make up the strategic communications mix and nurturing long-term, highly personalized client relationships that, ultimately, meet both their and our goals.

Throw in a strong focus on results, organization and process; a dash of leadership; an understanding of brand awareness and marketing practice; a knack for networking; social media; and, above all, a life-long appreciation for learning and diversity… What else would you expect from an international school alumna, an expat, a third-culture kid, a global nomad?

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