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Muluken Haile
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My added value comes from the theoretical AND practical experience I have of project management in different international contexts.

This includes:
- Setting up the entire administration section of a university in Ethiopia from scratch, including Finance, HR, Procurement, Facilities Management and Student Services.
- Designing and implementing a community-based training program to identify and address community issues related to health, education, infrastructure, shelter and drinking water projects. I also coordinated fundraising efforts to fund the projects.
- Identifying and addressing MSE (Micro and Small Entreprise) growth challenges by providing training to Owners/Managers on basic business management, entrepreneurship, marketing, inventory management and basic bookkeeping.
- Working with relevant local government bodies to improve the implementation of the country’s MSE focused policies and support programmes.
- Providing project management, project analysis and technical support, and team coordination and support as a project coordinator for an international NGO in Switzerland.

With a Ph.D. in commerce and management studies, my articles with GBN focus on the importance of MSEs to Ethiopia’s economy, the challenges they face and how they can overcome them.

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