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Muluken Haile
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I have theoretical and practical experience in project management in different contexts.

As an Administration and Student Affairs Vice President, I set up the entire administration section of the Bonga University of Ethiopia from scratch, including Finance, HR, Procurement, Facilities Management and Student Services.

At the same time, I designed and implemented a community-based training program on a limited budget. I identified community problems including those relating to health, infrastructure, culture, agriculture, drinking water projects and shelter. I succeeded by planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the overall project work, as well as coordinating fundraising efforts to fund the projects.

I also successfully identified and addressed SME growth challenges by providing training to Owners/Managers on:
Basic Business Management
Inventory management
Basic Bookkeeping

Save the Children International Experience:
I worked for SCI at Global Education cluster unit as a project coordinator in charge of Project Management (Financial and administration), Project Analysis and Technical support and Team coordination and support.

My skills:
Assessing program objectives
Coordinating logistical and administrative support functions
Building solid relationships and balancing multiple priorities

My specialties:
Leadership, Research, Project/Program Management, Financial Management, Strategic planning, Education Management Information System (EMIS), Humanitarian and Disaster Management. In addition, we worked with concerned local government bodies to improve the implementation of the country's MSE focused policies and support programs.

My objective:
Helping people in need makes me happy and I feel fulfilled when I help my team solve a specific problem. This is why I want to work for humanitarian organizations in project management, project analysis and technical support and team coordination and support activities.

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