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Severine Ougier
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I am in the business of truths, ideas and stories.

As a marketer for 20 years, both client side and agency side, I have helped many businesses, organisations and NGOs grow on the basis of a three-fold formula:
Uncover truths about four key aspects of marketing (audience; brand; competitors; channels) to create a unique strategic proposition for a product, service or promise, and position it in a way that will respond to a need or motivation.
Formulate a strategic, creative and innovative idea based on this unique strategic proposition.
Translate this big idea into a series of well-told stories (marketing campaigns) which are relevant and meaningful to an identified audience, and most importantly, get people to take an action i.e. make a donation; sign a petition; volunteer; buy a product or service.

I like to call it truth well told.

My areas of expertise are: market research and insight generation; strategic thinking; strategic marketing; communications planning; brand (re-)positioning; re-branding; acquisition; CRM; retention; reactivation; customer journeys; copywriting/editing/publishing; media relations; offline and online channels; digital marketing; social media; workshop animation; focus groups moderation.

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