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Simone Bijoux ferlito
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An Assistant's job is not just about hitting performance targets, it is about how you get there. Quality support is a question of dedication, reliability and customer service.

Since 1997, I've worked as Assistant or Executive Assistant in Family Offices, focused on supporting my managers in their day-to-day activities, both professional and personal.

From prioritizing tasks, managing diaries, filtering calls and organizing and updating accurate detailed records to taking some responsibility when deputizing for my managers, I help them make the best use of their time. I act as the point of contact, the liaison between my manager and different departments, clients, or service providers, and ensure the efficient flow of internal or external information.

Apart from the variety of the work, what I most love in my job is having the privilege of being able to understand and meet the particular wishes of clients from all over the world. I adapt to their cultures, understand their points of view and how they would like to be assisted, and then offer a high level of service.

This has helped me grow personally and also improved my knowledge of different international jurisdictions. I have always worked with respect, diplomacy and discretion and am motivated by the gratitude I get from my clients, colleagues and managers for my hard work which helps us obtain results and build success.

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