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Susanne Zador
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My professional experience has been eclectic.

From working as an Executive Assistant in an auction house, a major cultural institution or a multinational to writing advertising copy for advertising and a radio station in New York State, I have always adapted and learned from each experience.

As a creative Executive and Personal Assistant, I find solutions by thinking out of the box. When organizing events, I think about the context and come up with ideas that are adapted to each occasion. Adding value is also important for me in everything I do. When working for an advertising agency one of my clients rented advertising space at the Geneva airport baggage carousel. I immediately explored an idea and came up with advertising copy that not only reflected the brand, but also capitalized on the location.

I am people friendly and enjoy motivating "the troops" with enthusiasm.

Passionate about learning, I even taught myself Latin during my Medieval Art History studies at the University of Geneva, as I believed that it was essential to my research and understanding of the subject!

Forever optimistic, impossible is not part of my vocabulary,

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