16,900 tablets for Geneva state schools

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The Canton of Geneva is investing 22 million Swiss francs to supply computer tablets to all primary schools in the region.

This budget will buy some 16,900 tablets, and also covers the installation of wifi in schools. There will not be enough tablets for every single student, but enough for every two students.

How will the technology change the teaching and learning process? The question was raised by Jean-Paul Payet, professor of sociology in an article in Le Temps.

There are doubts about what is the best way of introducing and using the tablets alongside traditional teaching methods. Are teachers, students and parents ready for a fundamental change? And is the system ready for a revolutionary transformation?

This does not mean the new policy is a bad move. All agree that the use in the classroom should be revised, refined and adjusted from time to time.

Internationally, there has been a lot of debate about how to introduce tablets into schools. A study by Harvard Business School says that to make the most of the investment, school leaders must do three things:

  • Work with their communities to articulate a clear vision for how new technology will improve instruction.
  • Help educators imagine how new technologies can support those visions.
  • Support teachers and students on a developmental journey that will take them from using tablets for consumption to using them for curation, creation, and connection.



Can Tablets Transform Teaching? Harvard Graduate School of Education

Les tablettes de l’école du «vieux monde», Le Temps

10,282 millions de francs pour équiper les écoliers genevois de 16 900 tablettes, LeDauphine

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Csilla Takacsne-Kalmar Csilla Takacsne-Kalmar

Don`t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree...the essence of education for me.

Having spent the major part of my life teaching in Primary schools, including supporting children with special needs, my experiences have led me to the firm belief that we should celebrate diversity because what makes you different can make you beautiful. None should be left next to the road; someone must be there for them. I cannot accept that we ignore and abandon those who are different.

We are all different in one way or another and that gives each of us our value and uniqueness. Every single person has a hidden treasure even if we have to hunt for it, discover it.
I have found that when working with a child, we support each other at the same time. Like this, we both develop, flourish, advance, expand, grow and progress.

To do this, I listen actively, observe attentively, learn, search for methods and teach in a personalized way with realistic goals that children reach. I help them realise their full potential and settle down in the ever-challenging school environment as quickly and successfully as possible.

Making a difference in someone`s life and shaping a young personality are the greatest gifts and the biggest responsibilities in life.


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