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ecole…this is the number of new teaching positions created for the current school year in Geneva.

It represents the additional personnel needed for the introduction classes on Wednesday mornings, which has been added to the academic program of 16’000 students from the 5th to the 8th grades. Of these 231 positions, 111 are dedicated to languages, with English being introduced from the 7th grade and improvements being made to the teaching of German and French.

On this good note for the job situation in Geneva, although our little people might not be so enthusiastic about having to wake up early one more day in the week… Let us remind them that by the end of the 8th grade they just may be trilingual!


Tribune de Genève – La Une 25.08.2014

20 Minutes Genève 25.08.2014

photo credit: theirhistory via photopin cc

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