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A Podcast about Switzerland? Yes! Ca s’passe en Suisse

by | Avr 8, 2021 | Actualités | 0 comments

Jasmine Benson is starting a podcast about Switzerland.

My desire is to start a podcast to deepen my, and my audience’s, knowledge about Switzerland.

What do we already know about Switzerland?

The mountains, the numerous lakes, and surrounding Alps. Or perhaps we know more about the ski resorts and hiking trails?

Or better yet, banking and the very sought-after Swiss watches.

Gastronomy? Not as much as neighboring France. Nonetheless, did anybody say “cheese,” or more specifically, gruyère, fondue, and raclette? Last but not least, you must be fond of Swiss chocolate. Whatever it is, Switzerland seems to have the best of everything.

For my part, the recent lockdowns made me realise I have been living in a country I know little about.

What is the true meaning of the “Fete de L’Escalade”, and what do we really celebrate on August 1st for Swiss National Day?

I took it upon myself to dig up some surprising facts about this beautiful country and share them via a Swiss-made podcast entitled the Jazpod. For obvious reasons, I named the first season of this podcast “Ca s’passe en Suisse!” You can find future episodes here.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series. New episodes can be received by subscribers automatically. It is a mix between a radio show and a pre-recorded audiobook. It is a passive way to become knowledgeable about anything and everything. In my case, it will be everything about LA SUISSE!

Why a podcast about Switzerland?

Extremely talkative, I am what most would call a “people person.”

In Switzerland, a bubbly personality is not so common, but I found a way to make people want to talk about interesting topics. I quickly found out that there are many things that Switzerland excels in. And there are hidden strengths in its communities and outstanding individuals that we can read about in the news.

Prior to moving to Switzerland, I had lived in various parts of the world, and my vision was very utopic about my new home. My knowledge definitely needed deepening and why not share it with an audience.

And like everywhere though, there are stories – fascinating stories – that we do not generally hear. Be it from the streets, the young, and those who do not get a chance to be heard.

Who will I speak to?

Throughout my podcast, I will be exposing unknown facts and interviewing actors of change, people who vowed to make a difference in their community and in their beloved country.

My motivation was founded on the fact that it is crucial to know everything about the country you are based in, in order to better integrate yourself and also have a better understanding of cultural differences. Why stay content with what you see on the surface?

What you will learn

In my podcast, you will learn about many topics ranging from LGBT laws in Switzerland, politics, challenges of living in a multicultural city, generational immigration, housing disparities as well as “polite” racism.

I also question young Swiss millennials and try to transcribe their feelings about this past year, and their concerns and ambitions. There will be LOLs, FYIs, SMHs, and lots of YOLOs.

Join me on my quest to become more knowledgeable about Switzerland!

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