Continuous, lifelong learners – how to attract them and keep them engaged

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longlife learnersCorporate learning is becoming more than just employee development. In a business and economic environment that is constantly changing, more and more progressive and high-growth companies also place a premium on hiring lifelong/continuous learners; people who easily adopt new skills and technologies, who make a habit of adding to their knowledge base and absorb new information quickly, and act fast on what they learn.

What is the profile of a lifelong learner?

Among the many characteristics defining a lifelong learner, the following stand out: be willing and open to change, have a beginner’s mindset, be flexible and adaptable, always learn something and be curious, learn in multiple ways and be willing to teach others.


How to attract a lifelong learner and keep them engaged?

Organizations need to focus on making high-impact learning part of their corporate culture by investing in and rewarding training, by helping employees solidify and certify newly acquired skills, by creating workspaces designed to encourage collaborative learning, listening to employees’ ideas on how to make teams work better, and give them the latitude to act on these ideas.

This winning combination of hiring lifelong learners and fostering a continuous learning culture, in addition to a foundation of solid basic principles and values, seems to allow successful companies – like Google, Apple, Pixar, and many more – to keep thinking and acting ahead of their competition, to constantly create markets, market approaches, products, and eventually, greater customer value.



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