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Alice Meley

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, I bring over seven years of experience in project management, with a strong international background spanning both public and private sectors.

Key Skills and Abilities:

I thrive in dynamic environments where I can navigate challenges and deliver results through effective communication and group thinking. I am dedicated to fostering collaboration, building consensus, and achieving collective goals through active listening and strong interpersonal skills.


I started as a diplomat and then switched to management consulting. Throughout my career, I have successfully managed strategic initiatives, implemented organizational changes, and optimized processes to enhance efficiency.

Certification Pursuit:

Currently, I am preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the PMI Institute. This certification will further validate my skills and knowledge in project management, reinforcing my ability to lead and execute projects with industry best practices.

Interests and Passions:

Driven by a passion for international relations and cultural exchange, I pursued studies specializing in the Arab world within the field of international relations. I am fascinated by geopolitical dynamics, which enrich my understanding of global issues. Outside of work, I enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle through activities such as running, cycling, hiking, and yoga.

How Others See Me:

Colleagues and acquaintances view me as reliable, dedicated and pleasant to work with.

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