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Aswathy Kunissery Vasu


With extensive Business Intelligence and IT expertise, I specialize in simplifying complex data into simple useful information to help streamline processes and drive cost efficiencies.

Over the past several years, I have honed my skills in developing insightful dashboards and reports, enabling informed and easier decision making across various international and multicultural organizations. One among many examples is the Gender Parity dashboard which I developed for the International Trade Centre, a UN organization and which won an award at the Inclusive Innovator Awards ITC.

The dashboard automated gender scorecard calculation and provided accessible, up-to-date data for decision-making. The project significantly reduced workload and errors in gender parity statistics calculation, increased organizational transparency, and raised employee awareness of the UN goal of gender parity.

My expertise in data analysis, transformation, and visualization has empowered organizations to efficiently understand their business. As a strong communicator, I excel in project management and collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

In addition, my blend of technical proficiency, collaborative spirit, and creative flair positions me as a valuable asset not only in the realm of business intelligence and data analysis, but also in diverse organizational contexts where innovation, communication, and effective problem-solving are valued.


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