What e-Learning tools are trending in 2018?

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eLearningLearning professionals have had, for the last few years, more and more choice of eLearning tools that they can use to help them organize their work, research new trends, network with peers, and communicate with learners. What tools to choose then? The specialists at LearnUpon have compiled a list of their favourite ones, split by area of use for learning professionals, and we suggest you give them all a try!

  • Best productivity tools for eLearning : Trello, used mostly for project management; Google Drive, a favourite for cloud storage; IFTTT (If This Then That), for making connections between apps; Momentum, best for to do lists, and can be used in Google Chrome browser; and Google Calendar, to stay on top of your meetings!
  • Best eLearning content creation tools : Camtasia, useful for recording videos and easily creating SCORM courses; Elucidat, great for creating responsive online and mobile course content that’s compatible with HTML5, which is on the rise against Flash; Articulate Storyline, great for creating interactive course content; You Tube, the best repository for video content; Microsoft Office Suite, for productivity software programs; Adobe Captivate, to work on projects from storyboarding to exporting a completely responsive course; Google Docs, an alternative to Microsoft Office; Wistia, a handy video hosting program; Canva, a quick and easy way to make infographics; and Grammarly, your personal grammar police!
  • Best eLearning research tools : Reddit, a sharing platform for professionals; Quora, another sharing platform with over 1.5 million monthly visitors; it,useful for searching, curating and sharing the most relevant content with learners and colleagues; and Feedly, a free tool that helps you source and collect content from your favourite websites, blogs, RSS feeds, and YouTube channels.
  • Best networking tools for eLearning : Linkedin, the leading social network for professionals; and Twitter, the place to get real-time updates on what some of the most important people in your industry are thinking, reading and watching!
  • Best communication tools for eLearning : Slack, a great alternative to long email threads!; TinyLetter, which makes it easy for everyone to create a newsletter; Paper.li, the easiest way to curate content by email; and LearnUpon, a cloud-based learning management system.

Source: https://www.learnupon.com/blog/25-elearning-tools-need/

Photo credit: Astryd_MAD via pixabay.com

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