Entrepreneurship forum for emerging markets

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The Seedstars Summit – now in its sixth year – is an important event designed to highlight new business opportunities in emerging markets. It provides a unique meeting point and knowledge exchange forum for entrepreneurs from around the world.

Held in Lausanne April 2-5 at the Swiss Tech Convention Center, this year’s event will host more than 80 startups and more than 200 one-on-one meetings. Side-events include investors panel discussions, pitch competitions and much more with established entrepreneurs and business mentors.

With some 1200 participants expected to attend, Seedstars will focus on five key industries; finance, healthcare, education, agriculture, and energy.

The combination of training, networking and hands-on experience at Seedstars provide a unique opportunity to facilitate your entry in the entrepreneurship world and discover innovation opportunities.

For more information and registration, visit the Seedstars website.

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Veronique Chantal Mackoubily Sindelar

Veronique Chantal Mackoubily Sindelar

With my experience in high-level administrative support, human resources and accounting in trading and finance companies, I have the skills to look after all your back office needs. I am motivated to help, to contribute and actively build constructive links between different departments to nurture team spirit.

I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset and learn quickly. Now, I am discovering how this mindset can be applied in the field of sustainability and socially responsible business activities and am very interested in how collective intelligence, through collaboration, can be used to transform an idea into a structured project.

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