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GBN Talk 4: An Interview with Robert Falkowitz

by | Juil 17, 2019 | Actualités | 0 comments

Robert Falkowitz

Stop Starting – Start Finishing

The 4th GBN talk will be presented by Robert Falkowitz. on the 30 July, 2019.

Falkowitz is a coach, consultant and trainer for managing services using Kanban, Lean and other Agile methods. To learn the principles of these management methods, one needs to get a feeling for how it all works. By playing a game, you can gain experience … like the Kanban Pizza Game!

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Faster & Better

Falkowitz believes that processes in companies can be quicker, delivered on time, with reduced errors, and more transparent for the staff. Additionally, workers can be better motivated and customer satisfaction increased.

“I asked people how much time do you really spend on doing the job until delivery? And the answer was quite disappointing”

Falkowitz is passionate about focusing on the fundamentals in the organization in an inexpensive and uncomplicated way, while also catering to customer’s requirements.

“You start working on a task when you have the capacity to do so”

Mr. Falkowitz has been involved in developing management service skills for the past 20 years in the IT industry to deliver customer requirements. He noticed that many projects are considered successful when they improve process task performance by, say, 10%. But from the customer’s point of view, the improvement is only 1% or 1.5%. Such improvements are negligible and completely unnoticed by the customer. The question is what needs to be done so that improvements visible to the customer are increased by 20 or even 40 percent.

How can a team do this?

Kanban: a method of “organizing work in a different manner”

Let us take a traditional work environment where a  project manager plans the work. Then, the workers perform their tasks according to the plan. The project manager controls progress according to the approved plan. However, requirements and constraints are discovered while doing that work such that the plan is no longer optimal. Such projects might be on time and within budget, according to the project plan, but the value they deliver to the customers might be minimal. In an Agile work environment, Kanban places responsibilities upon the people doing the project work and gives them the agility needed to adapt their work as the project evolves.

Why Kanban can be an effective & efficient service provider

Now we get to the Kanban Pizza Game. This game can highlight the dynamics of the team and increases motivation to figure out the best method of being more efficient and effective. The team needs to be aware of the “whys” of a project. In the game, the team understands better how to implement continuous improvements and become more efficient.

A team begins to understand the importance of breaking tasks into small pieces done one at a time, compared to trying to multitask a large number of simultaneous tasks.

Stop Starting, Start Finishing

Deeper still, the capability of an organization to work can be assessed by how people are structured in an organization, how do they communicate together, and the various processes, tools, and matrix used. However, if the basic work and collaboration skills are lacking, none of the above will significantly improve a team’s efficiency.

“The output of one team is the input for another team”

The Pizza Game will be beneficial for those:

  • wanting to learn a skill
  • exploring the market for new job opportunities.
  • Professionals who want to be more effective.
  • Last but not the least, employees who are in a managerial/supervisory position involved with teams and clients will like to take an opportunity to learn the method to serve their clients more efficiently, effectively while increasing customer satisfaction!

We look forward to an experience of learning while playing!




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