Here we go again!

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While Geneva will reach temperatures in the high twenties this weekend with many people still enjoying the beach and spending time at the lake, others are gathering inside an ice hockey rink impatiently awaiting the start of the hockey season.

With 35 days until the regular season of the Swiss Ice Hockey National League (NL) kicks off, Genève-Servette HC is starting their preparations for the championship.

The team had their first practice on ice earlier this week and tonight at 19.00 they are facing off against Sierre HC in the first of several pre-season games.

Hockeyades Vallée de Joux

Next week, 12 -17 August, the 24th edition of the Hockeyades is taking place in Vallée de Joux and per tradition, Genève-Servette HC is participating this year. Servette will start the friendly preseason tournament on Tuesday against HK Ardo Nitra, a visiting team from Slovakia, and take on the Russian team CSKA Moscou on Thursday.

New head coach

The well-known and ever so popular coach Chris McSorley has taken a step back as head coach this year and will focus entirely on the role of Sports Director.

His replacement is promising coach Patrick Emond who was recruited from Genève-Servette HC’s Junior Elite team. Emond was head coach for the junior elite team for eleven seasons and led them to two consecutive Elite Jr. A Championship victories in 2018 and 2019 before being promoted.

Stay tuned for more information on the preseason developments for Genève Servette HC in the coming weeks.

To all the Grenat fans out there… “Ensemble, toujours!”



Les Aigles de retour sur la glace, Genève-Servette HC

Patrick Emond at Elitiesports

Swiss Ice Hockey



Genève-Servette HC


Diana Boldrini Diana Boldrini

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Perhaps the best ice hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, clearly knew what he was talking about. Following my heart and seizing opportunities is something that I always strive for.

Whether creating impactful international high profile events; coordinating with contacts inside and outside my organization while providing quality administrative support; or providing personalized 5-star WOW-moments within the hospitality industry, the customer is always my key focus.


By being proactive and understanding and anticipating what customers want before they do. By being creative and having a solution minded approach with a "can-do attitude".

As an altruist, what drives me most at work is to be a part of a dynamic team and collaborate to reach a collective success. I genuinely care for colleagues and clients and love to build and nurture good relationships. For me, my passion for sport has the same impact in bringing people together.

I also love adding sparkles to my life and enjoy a "fika" (Swedish term for a casual social meeting over coffee and a pastry) while talking about ice hockey, ice hockey and ice hockey.

Another great man, Muhammed Ali, also said it well and this is one of my favorite mottos.

“Impossible is Nothing”

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