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How to Manage a Successful Hybrid Participation Event

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Actualités | 0 comments

Hybrid meetings, where some participants are physically present while others join remotely, have become increasingly common in today's work environment.

Event Date: October 17, 2023

A Hybrid Participation Event is where participants are physically present while others join remotely.

These forms of events have become increasingly common in today’s work environment.

To ensure the smooth and effective operation of such meetings, careful planning and setup are required. A start-up project that took place on October 17, 2023, is one such event that required a well-organized approach to hybrid participation.

Below are the key steps and requirements for setting up a successful hybrid participation system, including collaboration with the IT team to swiftly address any technical difficulties.

Equipment and Materials Required:

  1. TV/Computer: A large screen served as the central display for on-site participants.
  2. Adapter/Extension: An adapter or extension cable was used to connect the power circuit.
  3. Microphone 1: A dedicated microphone for the speaker, the on-site presenter.
  4. Microphone 2: A microphone for on-site participants to relay questions and comments and be heard by the remote audience.
  5. Second Computer: A secondary computer with a camera allowed remote participants to see the on-site speaker.

Setup Steps:

Collaboration with IT Team:

    • Work closely with the IT team to ensure that any potential technical difficulties can be swiftly addressed.

Creating a Zoom Link:

    • Ensure that the Zoom link for the event had a duration exceeding 45 minutes to accommodate the entire meeting.

Testing the Zoom Link the Day Before:

    • Schedule a test Zoom meeting to ensure everything is working correctly.

A Dry Run Before the Event:

    • Move the large TV/computer closer to the common area.

Audio Setup:

    • Connect Mic 1 to the TV/computer, ensuring it was unmuted as needed.
    • Confirm that online participants could hear clearly by listening on the second computer.
    • Ensure that online participants were muted when not speaking to prevent office noise.

Zoom Connection:

    • Connect the TV/computer to the Zoom meeting and make sure it was set as a co-host or presenter.
    • Add the PowerPoint presentation on the TV/computer.
    • Share the screen on Zoom on the TV/computer and manage the slides using the touch screen.

Camera Setup:

    • Set up a second computer near the TV/computer as a host.
    • Ensure that the camera is correctly positioned to capture Tristan for remote participants.

Moderation of Questions/Comments:

    • Designate someone to moderate questions and comments from online attendees.
    • Read these questions aloud if they are asked in the chat.

Handling Questions from In-Person Attendees:

    • Pass the microphone to individuals who wish to ask questions or make comments.
    • Ensure online participants can hear the questions being asked in the room.

Muting/Unmuting Responsibility:

    • Designate someone to manage the mute/unmute function for the microphone passed around for on-site questions/comments.

Instructions for Remote Participants:

    • Before the meeting begins, online attendees need to mute their microphones when not speaking.
    • Encourage online participants to raise their hands when they wish to speak.
    • Asked the participants to join 10 minutes in advance.

Setting up a successful hybrid participation meeting, like the Startup Project, involves careful planning and coordination. Collaboration with the IT team is a crucial element in swiftly addressing any technical difficulties.

By following these steps and ensuring clear communication between remote and in-person participants, a productive and engaging hybrid meeting experience can be created.

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