How to … ? The 10 most popular questions on Google

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Most people use it at least once a day. Yes, you know, Google, your new bestie ! Now you don’t even say “ Look it up on Google” anymore. This sentence evolved into : “ Google it !” Google became a verb and that is how massive its impact has been on our daily lives.

Every year, millions of people ask Google for the latest news, information or sports scores. However, the most common search starts with these two words : “How to…”.

Google has noticed that since 2004, the “How to…” searches have increased by more than 140% and most of them are focused on how to “fix” things. From chopsticks to toilets, the “How to…” question is continually near the top of the list of most common queries around the world.


The top ten “How to’s” around the globe are :

  1. How to tie a tie : one of the basics !
  2. How to kiss : quite an existential question !
  3. How to get pregnant : you know how, right ?
  4. How to lose weight : after your Christmas cheat week.
  5. How to draw : “draw me a sheep “ – Le Petit Prince
  6. How to make money : make it rain !
  7. How to make pancakes : a yummy question and a very important one.
  8. How to write a cover letter : and get a job.
  9. How to make French toast : and then type question number 10…
  10. How to lose belly fat : an alternative question could be how to belly dance.

So now, think a little bit… What is the funniest / weirdest “How to…” you have typed in the search engine ? You are probably smiling right now, aren’t you? #weareallweirdos


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