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Human Resource Development: why ?

by | Avr 4, 2018 | Economie et Emploi | 0 comments


There are many benefits that Human Resource Development (HRD) provides to every organisation.

In this short article we will review these benefits and how they can positively affect an organisation. We will also touch on the drawbacks if HRD programs are poorly implemented.


Human Resources expert Susan Heathfield considers Human Resource Development as the framework for helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities.

According to Heathfield, HRD is one of the most significant opportunities that employees seek when they consider you as an employer. The ability, and encouragement, to continue to develop their skills help you to retain and motivate employees.

It is about the employees

HRD improves the growth of the employees. It develops new skills, knowledge and attitude, and makes them more competent.

They become  committed to their job, find themselves better equipped with problem-solving capabilities, and participate more in the organisation.

HRD programs also increases employees’ satisfaction and motivation. When they are trained well, they will learn more, improve more and feel satisfied and fulfilled in the workplace. They will also feel appreciated and will tend to become more happy to work in the organization.

Therefore, if the employees are not properly trained, well-equipped and knowledgeable, many useful and valuable resources can be wasted. HRD programs should strive for efficient and effective use of resources.

With the development of the workforce comes the growth of the organization. Another advantage can be the development of a work culture, such as improving the efficiency of employees and better communication, and the development of mutual cooperation and creativity of all the members.


Some commentators have noted that the implementation of HRD program is not without drawbacks. It is important to take into consideration the time required to implement HRD programs, the capital investment required, and the fact that current or experienced workers sometimes resist or act negatively to change.

It is true that if HRD programs are not properly implemented and they do not function well, they will represent waste for the organization. Hovewer, and despite some drawbacks, HRD remains important for every organization; with it resources will be efficently used and goals achieved in a better way in every organisation. Without it, organizational long term development might be hampered.

We cannot deny that for organisations with budget restrictions or/and organisational problems, it may not be possible to implement HRD programs. The benefits that HRD brings, however, should be considered by every organisation.

Individuals can make a big difference

We will finish with a quote from the former global Chief Executive Officer of Siemens, Klaus Kleinfeld. Many times in my life I have seen how one individual can make a big difference, particularly when working in a great team. The quality of our people and of our teams is our most valuable resource, particularly in today’s changing world where knowledge flows round the globe with lightning speed and is easily available.


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